Some of you may remember that back in 2011 I had my gas fire removed and a log burner installed, if not you can read all about it here.


When the log burner was installed the existing fire surround was removed as it was unsuitable and not in keeping with the new log burner.  For years I have been looking for the perfect fire surround, however I couldn’t find what I wanted, so the only option was to have a fire surround custom made.


I gave Rowan of South Saxon Forge a brief outline of what I wanted, along with a photo of the log burner in situ and he came back with a drawing. To make it easier for me to see how it would look he also sent me a picture of the drawing around the log burner.


Drawing of fire surround by South Saxon Forge

Drawing overlaid on log burner

I don’t know enough about metal work to give you all the technical details, however I will share somne photos of my fire surround and the Lancashire rose being made.

The making of my fire surround by South Saxon Forge

Making of a fire surround by South Saxon Forge

Making the Lancashire rose for my fire surround by South Saxon Forge

Making the Lancashire rose for my fire surround by South Saxon Forge

Lancashire Rose by South Saxon Forge

Custom made fire surround by South Saxon Forge

Here’s the finished fire surround in situ and I have to say it exceeds all my expectations. If you are looking for something unique that you can not buy on the high street I highly recommend speaking to Rowan of South Saxon Forge. Oh er I sound like an advert, however I don’t care I am just so pleased with the results I want everyone to know who made it.

Jump Fest 2014

Jump Fest 2014 MNDA

On the 24th May 2014 my niece Gemma and a group of friends from all over the UK will be taking part in a mass skydive supported by friends and family who are known as ground control, all in aid of the Motor Neurone Disease Association, collectively they are known as JumpFest 2014.


The MND Association is the only national charity in England, Wales and Northern Ireland dedicated to improve care and support for people affected by MND, fund and promote research, and campaign and raise awareness so the needs of people with MND are addressed by society. Visit www.mndassociation.org


So for every item sold in my Folksy shop between January and March a donation of 50p will be made to MNDA.

I love Liberty fabrics, so when I saw a job lot of small offcuts I snapped them up right away.  I knew as soon as I saw them they would be perfect for pocket mirrors and mirror keyrings.

Liberty Fabrics

As there was only a small piece of each fabric I decided to make the liberty fabric covered pocket mirrors and mirror keyrings into gift sets.  I made a little felt pouch and embellished it with a fabric flower and button.  I made the fabric flower using the same Liberty fabric as used on each pocket mirror and keyring.

Liberty Fabric Compact Pocket Mirror Gift SetLiberty Rose Fabric Compact Mirror Gift Set

Liberty Fabric Hello Kitty Compact Pocket Mirror Gift Set

These pocket sized mirrors and mirror keyrings covered in Liberty fabric are a handy size to slip into a pocket or handbag, perfect for checking your make-up.  They make lovely Mother’s day, Valentine, birthday and gifts for teachers.


Argos Home Delivery Service Scores Nought Out of Ten


On Tuesday 17th December I placed an order on line for a hot hair styler and choose home delivery,  I received an email informing me that my order would be delivered on Thursday 19th December between 7am and 8pm.


Delivery date from Argos


I waited in all day Thursday and when by 8pm my order had not been delivered I telephoned customer service, which incidentally is an 0845 number and therefore not free.  Customer service informed me that the driver was unable to find my house and that they would deliver my order the following day Friday 20th December.  I told the customer service lady that I had put on my order that although my address is Mayfield Road my house entrance was on Mill Lane (which is a main road) so I could not understand how they had difficulty finding my house.  There is even a road sign on the t- junction with arrows pointing to the houses whose entrance is on Mill lane.


Map showing Mill land and Mayfield Road

Aerial view of Mayfield road houses whose entrance is on mill lane


Road sign on the corner of mill land and mayfield road


On Friday I was at home for most of the day and by the time I needed to go out my husband was at home, however by 6pm there was still no delivery.  Once again I telephoned customer service and was informed that they had tried to delivery my order at 4.30pm and as no one was in they had left a card.  I told customer services that no card had been put through my door and that there was no way they could have tried to deliver my order as my husband was at home at the time they say they tried to make delivery.  Once again customer services wanted to re arrange delivery for the following day Saturday 21st December, however I informed him that I was not prepared to stay in another day only to be let down once again.  So I asked if I could collect my order from my local store instead.


The man at customer service said he would arrange it and would send me a text message with my reservation number and that he would arrange a refund for the delivery charge.  Once I had received  the text message my husband drove me t0 Argos, on arrival I presented the text message to Andy the stock manager.  However he informed me he would have to telephone them as the text message didn’t contain my order number.  Several minutes later I had my hot air styler and was on my way home.


Thus even though they have now refunded my delivery charge it has cost several phone calls and a return journey of approximately 10 miles in our car to collect the item.  All due to the delivery people not taking the time to read road signs or instructions given to Argos at the time of the original order.


Conclusion:- Argos home delivery service scores nought out of ten

Like most crafters I love shopping for craft supplies, and recent trip to Hobbycraft had me squealing with delight. What on earth does Hobbycraft sell that could cause a grown woman to squeal I hear you ask.


Well I will let you into a little secret, for a crafter like myself Hobbycraft is the equivalent of a sweet shop and no matter how often I visit I always find something to get excited about.  And on this occasion it was the sew retro fabric by Makower and the small tubs of Knit & Stitch buttons.

Makower Retro Sew Fabric



This sewing fabric would make lovely pin cushion, I might even be tempted to make some fabric covered pocket mirrors too.



Flower shaped buttons



Window shaped buttons



I love these different shaped buttons; the square buttons make great windows on fabric houses.   The tub of flower buttons has various sizes and styles of flowers making them the perfect addition to any button collection.  OK I know I am meant to use them in my sewing projects but honestly sometimes you just want to display them in your craft room, after all they are all so bright and colourful.



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